I grew up in the church and came to saving faith in college.  After graduating college, I worked in corporate America. I worked long hours and managed interesting work, but I consistently experienced a stirring in my heart. I wondered… does God care about my work? Why do I feel like I can’t stop working for fear of disappointing others? Are the good works that Ephesians talks about limited to time spent in church, bible studies or other “spiritual activities”? Or is there something more?

Just in the last two to three years, I’ve begun to grasp that work was given as a gift to man to steward and cultivate. It has inherent worth. We were made in God’s image as image bearers. As we work and create, we express our humanity. Notice that we are not meant to obtain our identity from work – only that can come from God. Understanding the distinction changes everything. If I believe that work is an expression of how I’ve been made in God’s image rather than the whole of my identity, I am freed to partner in what God is doing in the world. I’m also freed to rest as God did trusting in the reality that the sun will actually come up tomorrow.  This is how I can laugh at the time to come, because I belong to a loving God who knows my future and uses it for my good and His glory.