As we love and serve the communities of Fairfield and Bridgeport, we hope to not only share the love of Christ, but experience more of Him ourselves.  We serve with an attitude of humility, recognizing that all of us are broken and in need of reconciliation.


For our church, incorporating regular times of service into our schedule is not "the right thing to do," but rather points to the way that we were designed: to live in healthy relationship with one another and with God.  We believe that serving and loving our neighbors is an essential component to understanding and experiencing the Gospel of Christ.  Because Christ first loved us, we then can love the people and things that God loves.


Giving of our time and talents in our local community expands our view of hope and it gives us a greater glimpse of how we can participate in the work of redemption that God is bringing about all around us.  Throughout the year, we partner with other local congregations, non-profits, and social ventures to contribute to the flourishing of local society.


If you would like more information about future opportunities to serve or have questions, please email Milas Shepherd.