logo.png Who doesn't love introducing a friend to someone famous?  That is basically what we get to do at Christ Presbyterian Church.  On August 14, 2015, the Holbrook family moved to Fairfield, CT tasked by our sending church in New Haven, CT to reintroduce as many people as possible to the living God.  Over the next several weeks Milas and Ashley Shepherd joined us in the area to serve university students and Allison Matlack arrived to help resource the professional community with a Faith and Work program.  Over the first year a small team formed with old and new friends coming together weekly to study the scriptures and learn what it means to follow Jesus in New England and Davis Good joined our ranks to lead worship.  We have hosted parties, cook-outs, ladies nights and men's breakfasts.  Since then, we have celebrated birthdays, holidays and snow days on a joyous effort to introduce everyone we know to the greatest King they will ever meet.  Over the last several months we have had visitors from seven different countries, lots of states and all over the Fairfield area.  We see God doing a new thing with an old concept- a community of Jesus' followers loving together, living for others in order to change the world.  We hope you will join us and find a church in your community that you can call home.


 (From L-R): Allison Matlack, Davis Good, Ashley & Milas Shepherd, Andrew & Lauren Holbrook