The best way to describe a life with God is FULL. To someone I don’t know, the circumstances of my life may not look that much different than anyone else. I love my family, I enjoy the company of good friends, I enjoy sports and a good meal. What’s different about me is that I don’t believe that any of these things offer everlasting joy and satisfaction. The truth is, whether I think they will or not, none of these things do bring everlasting joy and satisfaction (especially as a Panthers fan), so at one point or another I would be devastated if I believed that they would. I believe that true joy is found only in a relationship with Christ, and all these other things are just meant to point me to that. This perspective allows me to deeply enjoy all of these things for what they are – guides that push me deeper into joy in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The Church serves this same purpose; it’s not a perfect place, but it is a unique place where God draws me deeper into the full life that He offers in Christ.