On average, we spend approximately 50% of our waking hours at work. What principles inform that time? How are we to view the joys and frustrations of work in light of God’s purpose for work in our lives?

What does it say that a recent Gallup poll reveals that a “good job” is what people from around the globe desire more than anything else and that 87% of people are either disengaged or downright miserable in the job that they currently hold?

We believe that if the Church is not actively helping believers understand the purpose of work as well as giving them a framework for enduring the highs and lows, the great achievements and inevitable deep failures that will come, then it’s missing a strategic arena to build laborers. Until the Church informs and empowers the Monday through Friday of life, then it will continue to fuel the separation between the sacred and the secular and create a disconnect that God never intended.

In order to begin to bridge Sunday to Monday, Christ Presbyterian Church is launching a learning community that will eventually have multiple expressions of people of faith coming together and dialoging about what it means to integrate our faith into our work as a means to walk with God in all aspects of life.

Join us!