Below is a brief, non-technical statement of the Christian faith that we uphold.  It is derived from the Bible as expressed by churches influenced by the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century:

  1. I believe that my one aim in life and death should be to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.
  2. God teaches me how to do this through His holy, inspired, infallible Word.
  3. God is one God but three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  4. God created all things, including man in His own image, and entered into a covenant of life with him.
  5. But man fell into sin through his willful disobedience and into this bondage I have been born.
  6. Being fallen in Adam, I am by nature a child of wrath, under the condemnation of God.
  7. God did not leave us to perish in our sin, but has redeemed His people through Jesus Christ our Lord. He bore the penalty due to my sins in His own body on the cross and fulfilled in His own person the obedience I owe.
  8. Jesus was raised from death for my justification and ascended into heaven, there He sits interceding for the church and governing the whole world.
  9. This redemption is applied to all God’s people through His Holy Spirit who works faith in me and unites me to Christ.
  10. God requires of me under the gospel to turn with grief and hatred of my sin and rest upon Jesus Christ alone for salvation, and that having turned I should now walk in the Spirit, fulfilling the obedience I owe Christ as my King.
  11. God has established His church in the world to administer His sacraments so that the riches of His grace in the gospel may be made known in all the earth.
  12. Jesus Christ will come again to judge the world in righteousness.

Adapted from B.B.Warfield with the help of