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Weekly Prayer July 30, 2018

armies of heaven

Magnificent God, there was a day when John, your servant, saw the heavens open and behold, there was one seated on a white horse, his name is faithful and true, and he judges all the nations of the earth and makes war against all your foes, he has a flame of fire, a robed dipped in blood. He is the true word of God, Jesus himself our savior, your champion, the world's rede...

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Weekly Prayer July 23, 2018

lion and lamb

God you revealed your Son to us as a Lion and a lamb. In the prophecies of Isaiah we see him ruling the nations with a mighty scepter, all kings and rulers quiet before his majesty. But he also is a lamb who was lead to slaughter, despised and rejected, esteemed not, one from whom all turn away. And this Lion who is lamb is why we are here. He only is worthy to bring us ne...

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Weekly Prayer July 16, 2018

marvel at gift

Lord Jesus, following your ministry here on earth the scripture tell us you ascended into heaven and took your seat at the right hand of God Almighty. From there you poured out the Spirit whom you had promised upon your church and the world was never the same. You came to your people, nearer then we could ever imagine, God you have come to dwell with your church and inside...

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Weekly Prayer July 9, 2018


Eternal Father, your scriptures remind us that the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn. It shines brighter and brighter until full day. This path you have called us onto, called us homeward to glory. We are hear walking closer and closer even now into the full day of your eternal light. And as the hymn writer sang in heaven we will not gaze on glory but on our ...

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Weekly Prayer July 2, 2018


Oh God, your people returned from exile, they gathered to consecrate their commitment to you and your ways. They recounted all the great deeds of your faithfulness to them and their forefathers. How you made the world, chose Abraham as your special representative, rescued Israel out of Egypt from the hand of Pharaoh, parted the sea and lead them through the wilderness, pro...

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